Treatment Plans

We have several Treatment Plans to suit your needs

Residential Treatment Plans

Clean Out
Want to keep those occasional bugs from getting too comfortable in your home? Our clean out treatment is for you. We treat each level of the interior of your home and attached garage, the exterior foundation, and around the windows and doors. This service comes with a 30-day guarantee and takes care of general household insects. This is also used as an initial treatment if you choose one of our maintenance plans.

Our most popular treatment plan. With our quarterly treatment plan, our office staff will contact you every quarter (3 months) to schedule a time that works for you. This treatment option covers both the interior and exterior of the property and the attached garage. This covers your common household insects such as ants, spiders, lady beetles, stink bugs, and more. Here is the best part, if you are experiencing problems in between your quarterly treatments, we will return and spot treat the problem area for no charge. This plan comes with our year-round guarantee.

3x a year
Great maintenance plan if you are a snowbird during the winter months. Treatments are done in the spring, summer, and fall. This treatment can be for the interior and exterior or just the exterior of your home.

Spring & Fall
Think of it as a spring and fall cleaning! A barrier is applied which prevents pests from fall nesting and gets rid of the new arrivals in spring. This treatment can be for the interior and exterior or just the exterior of your home.

Commercial Treatment Plans

A must-have for businesses who want to maintain a pest-free and healthy work environment. An ideal plan for rodent baiting in factories and at farming operations.

Exterior Treatment Plans

Exterior perimeter spray of your home along the foundation, doors, and windows, which can be entry points for insects.